Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Strawberry Coloring

First hold your tongue to the right.....
I am not a coloring professional.  I really don't know much but I'm happy to share the few tips I have picked up along the way.  A week ago I made a card with strawberries and was asked to show how I colored them. Ask and you shall receive!
To start I stamped my image on high quality card stock; I like Papertrey Stampers Select White using Momento Tuxedo Black.  I picked the color red I wanted the berries to be and then added a lower value color and a higher value color.  So....I used R24, R27 and R46.
Working with one berry at a time I color the first berry with my lightest color R24.
Second step is to take my medium shade R27 and put down and nice wide edge.  I'm not worried about blending or anything fancy.

Next I take my darkest color and outline the berry.
My last step is to take my lightest color and blend all my lines toward the center.
I picked 2 colors for my leaves, a dark and a light YG23 and YG25.  Can you see Gracie's bite marks on YG25.  She loves my Copics.....
I always keep my paper close by so I can match the colors; it makes a HUGE difference. I follow the same process coloring all leaves with my lightest color.  Then I went back and added darker colors where the light (sun) would not be hitting.  
I hope this helped!

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