Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fit to be in a Tie!

Today's project came from work...literally. Yes, some may call me a thief....I try to look at it a little more loosely. I'm a borrow-er :). I just wanted to dress up our preemie boy's wardrobe. Especially with valentine's day right around the corner right? Right!

I made a freehand pattern out of some scrap cardstock. I basically wanted the tie to be twice as long as it was wide. Once I got the tie shape right I added a half circle on the top for a knot. I ironed my fabric to Wonder Under to create an appliqué. Then i traced my pattern to the Wonder Under paper backing. I cut out my tie appliqué then ironed it to my 'borrowed' tshirt. To make my tie look more realistic I folded the bottom edge of the knot appliqué and then ironed it in place.

How cute is this?!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Lost my marbles

Check this out...I made these fabulous pendants out of floral marbles.

I baked my marbles for 20 min on 350 degrees in my toaster oven. Immediately after taking them from the oven I dumped the hot marbles in ice cold water. The change in temp causes all these cool cracks to form. Science is AWESOME. I put a bead end cap and a ring on the top of each cooled marble to create a pendant.

Happy little accident

This morning I was making a thank you card for my sweet friend McKenna who was my Secret Santa at work. She left me such thoughtful gifts I wanted to give her a proper thank you.

I stamped this little Changito with Momento black and colored him with Copics to match my designer paper. Pretty cute huh? Well....I was trimming the image and cut too close the the top edge (insert colorful language here). I decided to trim around the flower and I LOVE the result! It was kind of long and boxy before I got trim happy. I think it's much more interesting now.

Embrace the imperfections in life :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


My sweet friend and Kaila has gotten a new job! I'm excited for her and so sad for us. Kaila is our unit secretary and so much more. Each night she is security protecting us like a momma bear, electrician and pc support, she wears an ESP helmet to work and knows what I need before I can think to ask for it. She knows every one of my eye-rolls and is an expert in non-verbal communication. She just makes things run smoothly. We are all going to miss her.

I made this little framed picture for Kaila. She recently moved into a new apartment and got the most adorable puppy named Bella. I hope she knows it was made with love.