Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fit to be in a Tie!

Today's project came from work...literally. Yes, some may call me a thief....I try to look at it a little more loosely. I'm a borrow-er :). I just wanted to dress up our preemie boy's wardrobe. Especially with valentine's day right around the corner right? Right!

I made a freehand pattern out of some scrap cardstock. I basically wanted the tie to be twice as long as it was wide. Once I got the tie shape right I added a half circle on the top for a knot. I ironed my fabric to Wonder Under to create an appliqué. Then i traced my pattern to the Wonder Under paper backing. I cut out my tie appliqué then ironed it to my 'borrowed' tshirt. To make my tie look more realistic I folded the bottom edge of the knot appliqué and then ironed it in place.

How cute is this?!


  1. I love these. They are a adorable and will make the little men look so cute. What a great way to dress up your borrowed t-shirts. You need a little pin stripped one. :-)

    1. I'm thinking about making a little vest too :) Oh and bow ties. Stay tuned

  2. Those are so cute!
    What a great idea!

  3. You know....I might use this when our kids have to wear themed shirts for school, but never can you find a red, orange and yellow t-shirt when you need one.....If this becomes the fashion rage in elementary school.....You will so get the credit!