Thursday, March 29, 2012

Coloring with pencils and gamasol

Here's a quick little tutorial on the colored pencil plus gamasol technique for coloring stamped images.

I always start by stamping my image with Memento Tuxedo Black. I do not heat set or emboss or anything special....I'm basically lazy ;)
I picked out the paper I would like to use and kept it close so I could match my colors. Don't be tempted to skip this part, trust me.
I selected 3 colors of green and colored the stem and leaves. Keep in mind where your light source is coming from and shade based on that. I used the lightest color as a base and a medium to show areas of darkness and the darkest shade on tips of the leaves and base of the leaves.
I used the same color selection process for the tulip.
Once everything was colored I used a stump dipped in gamasol (odorless mineral spirits, I use Mona Lisa brand) to blend and soften all my colors. I use one stump for each color family for ex one for greens and one for yellows.
I don't seal my image (brings us back to the lazy factor) but I've read some people do.
Anyway, it's fun you should totally try it! I know you have some Crayolas so go get them and fall in love all over again. LMAO that was super cheesy.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Strawberry Coloring

First hold your tongue to the right.....
I am not a coloring professional.  I really don't know much but I'm happy to share the few tips I have picked up along the way.  A week ago I made a card with strawberries and was asked to show how I colored them. Ask and you shall receive!
To start I stamped my image on high quality card stock; I like Papertrey Stampers Select White using Momento Tuxedo Black.  I picked the color red I wanted the berries to be and then added a lower value color and a higher value color.  So....I used R24, R27 and R46.
Working with one berry at a time I color the first berry with my lightest color R24.
Second step is to take my medium shade R27 and put down and nice wide edge.  I'm not worried about blending or anything fancy.

Next I take my darkest color and outline the berry.
My last step is to take my lightest color and blend all my lines toward the center.
I picked 2 colors for my leaves, a dark and a light YG23 and YG25.  Can you see Gracie's bite marks on YG25.  She loves my Copics.....
I always keep my paper close by so I can match the colors; it makes a HUGE difference. I follow the same process coloring all leaves with my lightest color.  Then I went back and added darker colors where the light (sun) would not be hitting.  
I hope this helped!

Tutu be continued

TuTu Wreaths are FUN! (and tutu easy)
I took a few pics while making this fun pink and green wreath yesterday.  Hopefully you will all be inspired and have pouffy tutus hanging around your house.  

I started with tulle, not the kind on the bolt but the kind on a roll.  I would imagine that tulle on the bolt would more than likely be cheaper but I wasn't into the idea of cutting it into strips.  I was able to get the tulle on a roll at HL on sale and in lots of fun colors.  I picked 3 different shades of pink and 2 shades of green for a soft predominately pink wreath.  I chose a wire wreath form mostly because it was light and on sale.  I've used foam and even a old school wooden embroidery hoop and they all work fine so use what you have.  I picked a 6 different coordinating ribbon but don't stress over that, its totally optional.

I cut the tulle into 6" strips and created small bundles.  I then cut an additional piece of tulle approx 8" long and tied it around the wreath form with a half knot.  
I placed the bundle of tulle on top of the half knot and tied the bundle in place with an another half knot.
Tie the bundle tightly and fluff up the tulle.
Push the completed bundle next to its neighbor and continue adding until you reach desired puffiness.
I filled the entire wreath form with bundles.  How many?  You just have to see how much pouf you like.  I added in some random bundles that were created from 3 strips of ribbon and tied on with a piece of tulle.  Thats it!  Its fabulous!  Go get your tulle and make one :)
Peace, love and tulle

Monday, March 19, 2012

Kari’s Purplie’s Design Team: A pinch of green

Our latest DT project was to create something creative think outside the box.

I took my idea way out of the box and made this Tutu wreath :). I was walking through HL and spotted different shades of green tulle and the idea kinda took on a life of its own. I used a 4" green foam wreath form and 4 colors of green tulle. I cut the tulle in 5" strips and tied them onto the wreath form in small bundles. I'm working on another wreath today so I'll take a few more pics. Please don't over think this project! It's very simple and forgiving so use what you have on hand and try it.

Oh! Gracie might be wearing a matching tutu later today :)

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Peace, love and paper