Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I glittered my iPhone

It wasn't intentional....I glittered the carpet pretty good too. Thank goodness Gracie was in bed or she might have been glittered too. I love glitter but I'm not patient enough for it. I don't know how those kiddos in kindergarten manage to glitter and then not touch it and end up with a bald spot because that's what happens to me. I tried tinsel glitter last year and did not like too much. This year I've grown and I think it might be another favorite.

I made this card thinking about all the glass ornaments we hung on the Christmas tree when I was a kiddo. They were so fragile they would break if you looked at them the wrong way They had a nice 'blop' of glitter on them too. Looks like I have a history with glitter.
Peace LOVE and paper


  1. I love glitter too, the issue I have discovered when working with it not only does it get EVERYWHERE, but I ware it for days... Have you tried the glitter glue sticks all in one? I'm not sure how they would work out but it's a thought..

    I love you this card the colors remind me of when we were kids.. :)

  2. ok so I meant to say I love this card, but that works too LOL!!! :)

  3. Elizabeth thank you for the sweet comment. Mookie....I'm covered with glitter. I'm sure people will be saying "oh...hold have glitter on your face". I washed little Gracie's face so I wouldn't seem like a bad puppy mom. I love this card too...I might tweak it a bit. Stay tuned. Love you
    Peace, LOVE and paper

  4. I bet Gracie LOVED having her face washed. Lol!

  5. You know, Gracie doesn't mind having her face washed at all. She loves a bath but the face washing is the best!